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Australia 1 ¢ 
Brazil 0.5 ¢ 
canada 0 ¢ 
China 0 ¢ 
France 0 ¢ 
Germany 0 ¢ 
Hong kong 0 ¢ 
India 0.5 ¢ 
Indonesia-Jakarta 0.5 ¢ 
Italy 0 ¢ 
Japan 0.5 ¢ 
Lebanon 1 ¢ 
Malaysia 0 ¢ 
New Zealand 0 ¢ 
Philippines 5 ¢ 
Russia 1 ¢ 
Singapore 0 ¢ 
South Africa 1.5 ¢ 
Korea-south 0.5 ¢ 
Taiwan 0 ¢ 
Thailand 0.3 ¢ 
UK 0 ¢ 
USA 0 ¢ 


Discounted Australia Calling Card will be closing down on 30 june 2018.
After 30 June 2018, No transaction will be accepted.
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We are excited to be in one of the fastest growing sectors of the telecommunications industry. This year alone, it has been projected that over a billion worth of prepaid calling cards will be sold through local gas stations, grocers, local delis, and highway rest areas. Buying online is also becoming more popular as e-commerce is expanding at a phenomenal rate.

Oz Prepaid cards can save you over 80-90% of your home or business phone bills. Join us for free a membership and you will also enjoy Discounted Australia prepaid phone cards that could save you up to 30% through our Monthly Special Phone card Promotion. Buy your prepaid calling cards online today and receive your calling cards (Personal Identification Number) Pins Instantly via e-mail.

You can now sit back, relax, and with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can clearly compare the best prepaid Australian phone cards rates available using our free phone card comparison tools, purchase phone cards within 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even better, you can begin making cheap call using our calling cards to anywhere in the world INSTANTLY!

Our instant phone card PIN solution delivers some of best prepaid australia phone card rates to anywhere in the world. Our prepaid phone cards solution is excellent for:

- National travelers
- College students
- Business travelers
- Frequent International callers
- Sales representatives
- Tourists visiting the Australia
- Military personnel
- Retired senior citizens
- Truck drivers
- Parents who enjoy talking and keeping in touch with their children which are away from home

International Phone Cards

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 day&night bubble cheap call southasia phone card
 call everywhere calling card pinoy gotalk
 for complete list of more than 100 Phone card, Please click here: Australia Phone Cards


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If you are looking for a phone cards to call back to Australia from other countries, then please click here to check the phone card rate from our partner site.

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