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Information about the service

Oz Prepaid Cards Pty. Ltd. Is an Online websites which selling prepaid Phone cards.  To start using our service as new user, user need to register first from our website and submit their first order limited to $10.

After we received user order, we will either post user the Phone card PIN and activation code by mail or email. Once user activates their account using the activation code, they will be able to get phone card PIN instantly by email and can buy more than $10 credit for their following order. We do not send any physical phone card.

There are no refunds for returns prior to card expiry dates.

Oz Prepaid Cards Pty Ltd. Is located in Australia.
ABN number= 55102502170
Our Phone card products are available on:






Information About Pricing

Each phone card have different price. To find out how much is the price offered; user can click on each phone card link and will get the price detail there.


For calling rates using our phone card to specific country is available on relevant product page.


This is a Prepaid Calling Card service. You will pay in advance so you will never receive a bill.



Other Information



To use our phone card products, user first need to call to the phone card local access number. Local call, or std call or mobile phone charges will apply for calling to phone card’s local access number and are billed by consumers’ phone carrier. Customer need to confirm with their phone’s carrier regarding this cost, since its not billed by us, but it will be billed by consumer’s phone carrier.


Once connected to the phone card local access number, user need to key in phone card PIN, and then follow the recorded instruction to make the call.

Users are able to obtain the remaining balance on their phone card, after PIN number is entered.


Not all phone card sold in our website provide feature for online call records report.

Only for Our customer who bought Phone cards under Oz Prepaid Cards Pty Ltd can obtain call records from



Customer Service
to get more information about our service and also for all phone card enquiries including complain :
Send us email to:

Complaint Handling

Information about complain handling is available from


The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman is contactable at, by telephone on 1800 062 058,

by facsimile on 1800 630 614, by post at PO Box 276, Collins Street