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If you have a web site and would like to make money by selling discount prepaid calling phone cards and receive phone card's PIN instantly then you should join one of our affiliate program partners. With more than 70 Australia prepaid calling cards available, along with numerous banners, we have images to complement your web site.

We offer you a independent affiliate programs:

  • ClixGalore (
When a visitor to your Web site is sent to the Oz Prepaid Cards Web site and they complete a purchase, you'll get a commission. It is free (and very easy) to join our affiliate program. So join now, it won't cost you a cent and you will earn money every time one of your visitors makes a purchase on our Web site. We then calculate the amount of money owing and pay you!
Benefit for your members/visitors
Oz Prepaid Cards has more than 70 Australian Prepaid Calling cards range of prepaid phone cards available online with a powerful search tool to help our customers find the best rates or best calling cards of their choice. Visitors can search by countries name, with or without connection fee, or browse our huge online calling card quick pick or by prepaid calling phone card's images which they are looking for. It is FREE to join be a member. Australian activate members can purchase online and receive card's PIN instantly (approx within 2 seconds) after members finalise their transaction, no more wait and can purchase any time you like.
Benefits to you
  • Free sign-up.
  • 45 days cookie duration (unlike some of our competitors who offer only 10 days).
  • Independent third party monitoring.
  • Earn additional income from sales on the secure Oz Prepaid Cards Web site.
  • Get your own discounts on our Web site.
  • Provide your customers with access to Australian Prepaid Calling Phone Card s range of cheap rates and discount online phone card 's PIN.
  • We will provide you with our latest Prepaid calling card's rates as soon as possible.
  • Free support.
How it works
As a Oz Prepaid Cards affiliate, you will earn commission on all phonecards sold on the Oz Prepaid Cards Web site where the customer has been referred from your Web site and this user is a new user. By placing links on your site to the Oz Prepaid Cards Web site, your visitors can follow these links to Software tracks all visitors to, and spending on, our Web site so we know exactly how much money to pay you based on your visitors purchases. We then send you payment for the commission of your earnings from sales on our Web site in that period.
Commission and Payment
Refer to ClixGalore for commission and payment policy.
How your referrals are tracked
When a customer follows a link from an affiliate site to the Oz Prepaid cards site they are tagged with the referring site's ID. For the length of that session any purchases they make are attributed to the referring site's affiliate account for the purpose of calculating commission.
To be eligible
To be eligible to become a Oz Prepaid Cards affiliate your Web site must meet minimum standards. You must submit an application, along with the Web address of your working Web site. We will then review your site to ensure it does not contain any 'objectionable' or intellectual property infringing material.
To join
It couldn't be simpler to join our Affiliate Program. You don't even have to leave your computer.
1. Read and agree to the terms and conditions listed on the ClixGalore web site.
2. Complete the online application form at ClixGalore web site.
3. Choose the banners or links that you want to appear on your site.
4. Start earning money!